cannabis spirits

Light, bright, and cocktail ready.
Infused with THC and CBD for
a feel-good buzz – minus the booze.

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A pick-me-up that
won’t bring you down.

Unlike other spirits, Pamos is non-alcoholic and infused with a
balanced blend of THC, CBD and plant terpenes – making it kinder
to your body and hangover-free without sacrificing great taste or a
blissful buzz.


Cannabis Infused

THC to calm your mind, CBD to ease the body and plant terpenes to uplift and brighten the mood.

Fast Acting

A good time in no time. Quickly absorbed for a gentle buzz that you can begin to enjoy within 10-15 minutes.

Naturally Flavored

Just the good stuff. No artificial flavors or sweeteners.


Non-alcoholic and hangover-free without sacrificing great taste or a blissful buzz.

Bright & Balanced

Crafted with premium, natural ingredients
including California-grown cannabis,
mandarin, black currants, lime and aromatic bitters.

Golden Hour
in a glass

A Good Time,
Any Time

Our Sweet Spot

Pamos is guaranteed to pair
 well with leisurely days, warm
 sunsets and on long nights with
 close friends.

Same Day Delivery

Order online in minutes for free, quick and
convenient delivery in Los Angeles.

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Mix It Up

Pamos works as a versatile cocktail base – served
chilled or on the rocks. Low-dose, fast-acting
ingredients allow you to start slow, and top up to boost.


It tastes like Cali in a glass.
Fresh, freeing, and a little weird.
But that’s a good thing.

LA Times

I never thought I’d find a
non-alcoholic drink that was both
calming and energizing.


With Pamos you get a
whole load of subtle flavors
that linger on the palette.


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